Javier Infantes

Visual Artist New York


"A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving". Lao Tzu.

"I paint to heal myself from daily life and the relentless passage of time.

I am not really interested in knowing where I am going to get to... That is actually what makes the trip so exciting.
I am keen on the process and the exploration of the potential of the ideas and materials that I investigate and play with, rather than designing plans to be able to arrive at specific results and conclusions" Javier says.

Javier understands creativity as a language of experimentation, as a method of investigation and acquisition of knowledge, all of this based on the freedom to create. He is interested in traveling towards our inner selves, towards what we are: thought, emotion, feeling, memory... giving more importance to the paths, from which he learns, rather than to the places to get to.

Moreover, he is attracted by our ability to generate intelligence, sensations, recollections…

“Perhaps we are what we remember…” "The recollections make us who we are" He says.
He sees art as a vehicle of knowledge and not a mere representation of what surrounds us.


Javier Infantes.

Born in Estepona, Malaga (Spain)

University of Seville. University of Madrid, Spain
(B.F.A) Painting. 1991-1996.
Certificate in Education, Madrid. 1996-1997.

Relevant Skills
Multimedia Design course. Malaga, Spain.
Photography courses. Seville and Madrid, Spain
Drawing course. New York, 2002.

Freelance illustrator (since 1997). http://javierinfantes.blogspot.com/2007/04/imgenes-publicadas-en-el-n-141-de-la.html
ABC Newspaper. Madrid, Spain (Illustrator. Illustrating daily news and articles in most of the sections of the Newspaper) 1997-1999.
He also published his works in some Spanish magazines:
El Viejo Topo, Revistart, Escribir y Publicar (Barcelona)
Calviva , Claridad, Claves de Razon Practica (Madrid)
Extramuros (Granada)
In the last few years Javier Infantes has illustrated texts and articles of illustrious public figures as important as Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (former Spanish Prime Minister), Noam Chomsky ( linguist, philosopher, political activist), among others.
• Teacher of painting and photography. Malaga, Spain.
• Interior decorative painter, Spain and USA.
(Developing Fine Arts projects of murals and decorative and restoration assignments for Meyer Sandy Frucher at Frucher LLC)

Selected Exhibitions:

(He has two solo exhibitions scheduled in Spain, one at the AC Gallery in Madrid in December 2012 and another one at the Stoa Gallery in Estepona-Malaga in 2013)

Chrystoph Marten Salon (Chelsea-Manhattan) NYC
Aeon Logic Art Gallery. Brooklyn, NYC
Spanish American Institute. Manhattan, NYC
Exhibitions and Congresses Palace of Estepona. Malaga, Spain.
Miramar Gallery. Estepona, Malaga. Spain.
Miramar Gallery. Estepona, Malaga. Spain.
Cultural Center of Estepona, Malaga. Spain, 1993.
Uruguay Pavillion. Seville,

Group Shows:

Broadway Gallery. Manhattan, NYC
Stoa Gallery. "Masculine Plural". Estepona, Malaga. (Spain)
"Art Takes Times Square". Manhattan, NYC
Jadite Gallery. “ArchiteXture”. Manhattan, NYC.
Galerie 5th People Project. “What’s on your mind”. Berlin (Germany)
Greenpoint gallery. Annual drawing group show. Brooklyn, NYC .
Pop-Up Pianos, NYC. http://pianos.singforhope.org/
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
The Chelsea Room at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC.
New York Couture Fashion Week. Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
Bang&Olufsen. New York, Frankfurt and Istanbul. Organized by www.unitedcreators.com
Governors Island Art Fair, NYC.
Stoagallery. Estepona, Malaga. Spain
Collective Hardware (Le Cirque d'Art Gallery) . Manhattan, NYC
ARTEXPO NY. International Art Fair. Jacob Javits Center, Manhattan NYC.
Port Authority Bus Terminal. Manhattan, NYC.
Stoagallery. Estepona, Malaga. Spain.
Colombian Consulate. Art group show . Manhattan, NYC.
Tower Theater. Iberoamerican Art Exhibition . Miami, USA
Hpgrp Gallery. Art Fair @ destination. Manhattan, NYC.
Stoagallery. Estepona, Malaga. Spain.
Congresses Palace Marbella. International Art Fair , Marbella, Spain.
Victor’s Gallery. Marbella, Spain,
“Velazanetti” Painting Prize (work selected for the show). Burgos, Spain.
European Photography Prize (works selected). Madrid, Spain.
Complutense University. Fine Arts Exhibition Hall. . Madrid,
Virgin Megastore. Seville,
Uruguay Pavillion. Seville,